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Dec 26, 2012 6:00pm EST
. we call that cyclical growth. hough do you spot a general u lar secular growth name? i like to look for bik picture themes. we have a company at play on a much broader trend. take the move toward healthy eating and embrace of organic foods. this has made whole foods into a powerhouse stock and destroyed the regular supermarkets and the same for bain slelial. however, we'll these stories can last for years, even secular growth stocks have a limited shelf life. these are fewer and fewer plays that can consistently make you money. last longer but never just last forever. years ago back when the smartphone was a relatively new invention, i started talking about the power of the mobile internet tsunami. for a while there was a ton of money to be made over the smartphone food chain. but it turned out to be not a license to buy even the sector's weakest players, which gradually fell by the wave side. the rising tied does not lift all ships. most of the time can you hang on for years and years but if you find a secular growth story, driven by the same theme pushing up a whole foods or apple
Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
. it is almost beyond belief, is hough it not? so, for me, i just have to tell you, since i know all the decisions we have to make are not intellectually demanding, they just take political courage, i cannot agree to any process like it s learn -- we have hadwo dry runs. thcongre put the fiscal solvthat issue right now - at is whatneed to do count me out. >> mar do you want to take > you ise a great point. thiss whpeople's eyes say whatever you want t say, bhe notion, and this is margaret's approach a little bet -- i do think there will be a relationship between revenues and entitlements if we need to go bigger, we ed that the american people is going to buy into this notion of, ok, we will t thes taxes go up. then we go through this magical witching hour -- 90% disapproval goes up to 99% disapproval. that you have to get north of three -- you do this, you will get 500 in interest savings alone. they should not be as challenging as it is. one other thing -- the only thing i would disagree with bob a little, that is on the fact and continue to be a huge advocate of the tax reformit i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2